Constant updates and bug fixes

The baby of a lone developer over in Germany, this really is a labour of love. Constant updates and bug fixes, this guy doesn’t sit there staring out of the window all day, he’s hard at it improving his product. Why just an honorable mention? I promised free browsers, and iCab is free as long as you want to put up with the floating window that will appear throughout the day (it’s no big deal really, and not very intrusive), but to remove it the dev would like you to pay him $20. Personally I think it’s worth it – he makes his living that way. See what you think – iCab has a cult following out there.

Well, there you are, the browsers that in my humble opinion are the real competition to Safari. I honestly recommend you download all of them and give them a run out, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed, and you might just find the application that suits you perfectly. Happy Browsing!

Jeff bought his first Mac in 1989, it had 1mb of ram, a 19mb hard drive and it cost him over $1400! He used it to produce everything from a local newspaper to a business card. Over the years he has upgraded and upgraded until now he stands up in his lofty retreat, arms folded and surrounded by the latest Macs humming away quietly in the background.

It’s quick, very quick (Chrome only beats to the line by a short nose), it comes with drag and drop tabbed windows, workspaces that save your browsing sessions, history and window locations. The way it uses tabs is unique (they appear as a screen down the left side of the browser window instead of at the top), and it gives you the functionality to tune out all ads, popups and web blurb to leave you in peace with your browsing.

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